3 Management Trends of 2017 That Impact the Workspace

Employee management firm, TINYpulse, reviewed numerous surveys from employees and office goers to try and understand what were the small things that helped a business keep going in a productive and positive manner. In addition to the unexpected ‘increased flexibility’ and ‘telecommuting arrangements’, the following three stood out as the major trends of the year.

  1. Feedbacks: The research conducted showed that a continuous feedback process in the office resulted in the enhancement of employee experience by making them feel more valued by the management. Feedback has and always will matter, with the current millennial providing and receiving a lot more of it than the previous generations.
  2. Mid managers will receive more attention than they require: The ‘middle man’ in the present generation and time is a very important person in the business process. They are overworked and yet unnoticed at most times. But that being said, they are always a vital contributor to the success of the enterprise. The more who realise this soon, the better the organisations will tend to grow.
  3. Demand for leadership development: In the view of the researchers, the need for leadership development is both highly valued at the enterprise, yet highly neglected at the same time. A majority of the companies are not ready to meet leadership needs, while a handful of them focus greatly on accelerating the programs for millennials. What should be done is that the organisations must learn to identify and pick out those millennials in whom they see a capacity to fill the ledership requirements in a company. This will not only be an investment for the organisation but will also help avoid shaky transitions during the shift in management.


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