4 Startups That Transformed Indian Healthcare

With the constant growth in the GDP of the country, it is a well-known fact that the health sector of the country strives to keep up. According to the Indian Medical Association, India’s spending in healthcare remain low at 1.2% of the GDP while those of countries like America and China are 17% and 7.7% respectively. While most healthcare startups in India are still in their early stages, popularity grows in trends emerging from preventive healthcare, analytics, pathology, emergency services, etc. Here are the top 4 startups whose trends are being witnessed in the sector.

  • LiveHealth – Making medical reports smarter:

Founded by a Pune based startup in 2013, the app can be utilised in various healthcare stages such as collecting samples, managing patient records, diagnosis and generating reports, to billing and inventory. LiveHealth makes every process smarter and more efficient using Artificial Intelligence.


  • Lybrate – instant support on the phone

Founded in 2013 by Saurabh Arora and Rahul Narang’s Delhi based startup, Lybrate helps patients find doctors near their location and connect with them instantly. Lybrate helps patients communicate with a network of over 1,00,000 specialised doctors while keeping their anonymity intact.


  • Practo – one stop healthcare platform

Started in 2007 as a SaaS platform for doctors, it later evolved into a destination where the customers could avail of services such as appointments, consultations, health records, insurance, and ordering medicines online. This Bengaluru based startup is now established in over 38 states in the country.


  • Forus Helath – Tech used to fight blindness

Started in 2010, Forus Health uses technology to help give the blind an opportunity to see and to bring down the ratio of blind people in India. With the help of its portable innovative product 3nethra, the screening and observations of common eye problems can be administered quickly. They are spread out in the country across 26 states with 1300 installations at present.



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