Company Name: Alpha Predictions LLP
Motto: Driven by Values, Inspired by Analytics

Sentence we Believe: If you know your customer, that’s great. If you know how they behave, that’s even better.

Company Information:

Alpha Predictions LLP is a core data analytics company who is strong, enthusiast and mad for data and its statistical application to the operation. The company is run by actuaries and statisticians from top Indian Universities. With accumulated experience of more than 10 years to the industry the company has acquired all skillsets required by both Indian and Non-Indian market.

The two first generation entrepreneurs came up with a thought of providing analytics (as the Indian companies consider it as a premium than a necessary one) from the smallest to the biggest firm in India have constantly motivated many companies on the way to use analytics efficiently and result out, they are known as one of the reputed analytics firm in the west Maharashtra region.

With prior experience of working in fmcg, pharmaceutical, education, share market and Media, the company has created few platforms using analytics exclusively for manufacturing companies where they can save a lot of money.

Alpha Predictions is running the organization with a aim of creating awareness of analytics and statistics into large and medium scaled enterprises which will lead to a revolution in Indian economy as companies can optimize a lot of money


  • Smita Shinde (Operations and Research Head)
  • Snehalkumar Kadam (Marketing head)

Industries that can get benefits from our products

  1. Production units
  2. Super and Hyper markets
  3. FMCG companies
  4. Healthcare
  5. Pharmaceutical
  6. Education
  7. Sports