BFSI Companies In Bangalore

CIO As a Service

CIO Service as a front-seat navigator who knows where you want to go—and has guided organizations to this destination before. This service provides access to a CIO level professional, in-house, without committing to the CIO salary.

Best leadership coach in bangalore

I’m passionate about inspiring individuals and businesses to utilize optimum potential and produce outstanding results by adopting transparent and ethical values. I believe in greatest saying “You are the creator of your destiny” and built my life from nothing to everything in 16 years.

Bonsai Mane – Where a Shadow meets a Shade:

Bonsai Mane is one of the newest yet most preferred place you can find for buying variety of Bonsai Trees throughout the city of Bangalore. Here, they personally grow their own Bonsai from the seed.

Transformational Workshops – Kalpakkam

The natural healing force in each one of us is the greatest force in getting well” said Hippocrates, the Father of Modern Medicine. However, in today’s urbanized milieu, this healing force has been severely weakened by lifestyle ailments and shifting socio-economic realities.

From the orphanage to CEO of Software Consultancy in the US: The story of Jyothi Reddy

It is not a new thing now to hear a company or a new startup being faced with some difficulty or obstacle before it plans to shut shop and become obsolete. But very few gems in the world of business prove to withstand it all with their unending determination, grit and will to be better.

VeeRa Travel Links is a fastest growing travel solutions provider in india

VeeRa Travel Links is a fastest growing travel solutions provider who has turned the passion into service. We are specialized in tour packages both domestic and international that would match the aspirations of the enthusiastic travelers and their dreams of experiencing new millennium destinations.

Gupta fashion world commercial street bangalore

It’s the first to go on and the very last to come off. And in between, it slips into many roles. From naughtily winking at strangers, to being your most loyal and ardent supporter. Yes honey, it is your lingerie we are talking about.




Farfetch Facility Services

Farfetch Facility Services started as a sister company of Force5 in 2016. With highly experienced personnel on the panel, with around 15 years of experience in the same industry. In a short span the company has seen enormous growth mainly because of the kind of staff we have.

Sri Muneshwara Electricals

Sri Muneshwara Electricals has accomplished a proven track of records in providing top electrical solutions right from planning till the execution of the project. With 13 years of experience and a strong set of values, we consistently provide the technical and professional expertise construct the most complex projects on time.

Aruna Maligi’s Mission

Recruiting 1000 LIC agents and guide them towards their goals and dreams, so they can experience all gifts of life and bestow it upon their families too.Helping more and more people in attaining financial freedom without having to go through conventional work stress and mould them in a way that they become “KALPAVRIKSHA” for their respective families!


Q-Hawk is a mobile based “Remote Control” for business owners and managers. It helps enterprises to easily collaborate with team, business units and vendors. Hence, owners and managers can access real-time information and take business decisions quickly and proactively from anywhere, and anytime.