Bonsai art tree and plants for sale in Bengaluru

 Bonsai Mane – Where a Shadow meets a Shade:

Bonsai Mane is one of the newest yet most preferred place you can find for buying variety of Bonsai Trees throughout the city of Bangalore. Here, they personally grow their own Bonsai from the seed. According to the founders of this unique venture, a Bonsai is a miniature tree which is on high demand these days because of the aesthetic values. Bonsai Mane aims to bring the beauty of these trees to every home. Every plant/tree here is grown in the traditional Japanese style of bonsai making but at the same time keeping in mind our Indian values of a tree . Every tree here is created differently but treated equally with lot of tender loving care.

Bonsai Mane aims to grow trees which can be kept and grown for at least 50 years, making the Bonsai a more suitable and meaningful alternate to flower bouquet and other gifts.

Bonsai Mane is a business of a different kind where the art dissolves and the heart evolves with the human soul. Bonsai by default is not a small tree but instead a normal tree which is trained to become a Bonsai. Due to heavy urbanisation and development we are losing our precious trees in the city.

A Bonsai always offers us a chance to bring all those trees to our home in a miniature form. There are already people who have immediately felt a change as soon as they started growing and maintaining Bonsai trees at their homes. A bonsai is believed to be a good healer and a therapy which stays on with us for a long time.

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