Srividya Puppala completed her studies  and later moved to Lowell, USA for doing Masters. she had been surrounded by wonderful people, different cultures and had a chance to be part of the South Culture which my parents have imbibed in me and at the same time, North Culture which I adore. This has given her the best of both worlds and has given me the gift of personality and connected globally and fortunate enough to get the Cultural values of both North and South and have learnt Carnatic and Hindustani Classical, having versatile personality like Singing, Gardening and many more..

Srividya Puppala has Global Experience – Worked in US and in India for several Fortune 500 Clients. Being more than 17 years in IT Industry and having worked with leading players in Retail, Education, Energy Utilities, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Telecom Industry and Financial Industry, she was responsible for growth in Software Engineering Firms particularly for 12 years as Development Manager, Delivery Lead, Account Manager and as Senior Manager; into varied roles as Centre of Excellence, for Quality Compliance, People/Portfolio Development and Growth. This experience had helped her in understanding the Business nuances and Key Performance Indicators which play an important role for respective businesses from a People, Process and Technology perspective. This is where she stands now with her Company ENSCONCE where she helps Small and Medium Businesses particularly for bringing in change in terms of People, Process and Technology, Driving Innovation and Business growth.

The journey  with ENSCONCE started way before Incorporation of her Company ENSCONCE with the effort she had put in to help an IT company back in 2014 with their business frameworks. It was a wonderful experience for her and with the Feedback/Customer Satisfaction she had received, there was no stopping to this Idea. Since then it was a journey of creating change and process improvements in the customer ecosystem.

ENSCONCE ( provides Business Process Consulting Services from Strategy to Business Milestones Planning to Building Levers for execution and finally Measures to assess change; providing an outcome-based approach & address business challenges and growth impediments.

Right connect with right people can complement one’s strengths and weaknesses in every possible way. she had been able to grow her network and the satisfaction which she get by being connected/sharing her ideas had infact brought her closer to people and bring in business and repeat business.Trust is important for every business  to grow as an individual and as a business woman.

What made her business successful?

What she had always believed is that maintaining a great connect with customer, presenting ourselves for their benefit – being in customers shoes all the time helps immensely for building our own capabilities as a business. This is exactly the mantra what I use in my Business.

Who was her role model?

  1. P. J. Abdul Kalam and her Mother