*From 5 Lac to 8 Million$, Flipspaces, a bootstrap **company run by IIT B
alumni is pioneering in Open Office Space Design *

Flipspaces is a 4+ year old Interior Design and
Product Innovation venture started by IITB alumni with a vision to disrupt
the $ 5 Billion market for design and build of commercial spaces in India.
Flipspaces is a rare example of a *bootstrapped* startup coming from an
ecosystem when equity fund raise has been a fairly common method to scale.
Founders invested 5 Lacs of initial capital and then never raised or put any
other money.


  • Flipspaces is world’s first Immersive Virtual Reality Tool for Interior
    Design. We have expertise in space design and Virtual walk-through that
    allows changing interiors for a commercial, residential or hospitality
    project in real time and can create trillions of room environments on click
    of a button.
  • Flipspaces in completely bootstrapped so far with 100% promoter and founder
    control. The turnover has been in excess of 8 million $ i.e. 50 Cr.
  • The venture is looking to cross 150 Cr in Revenue in the coming fiscal –
    expanding its presence to 5 cities from 2.
  • Flipspaces has pioneered open office design and has arguably more than 50%
    market share in startup offices in India.
  • Million Square Feet plus of property designed and executed.
  • Hallowed corporates like Newscorp, Bosch, Airbus, Royal Enfield Oppo
    Mobile, Bosch, Radio Mirchi, Adidas, Eithopian Airlines, Chaayos, DHL, P&G,
    Platinum One, Coverfox, Quantiphi, Ziffi, Razorpay, KPMG, Toppr, Edureka and
    many more.
  • India’s first and most advanced VR-tech enabled design application – 300X faster design speed than conventional S/Ws.
  • Recently launched FLIPSTORE , arguably India’s largest
    platform for discovery with over 2 lakh products for commercial interiors
    manufactured and sourced on our portal.
  • 200+ Office& Residential projects – 8 Lac+ sq.ft. of commercial property
    developed and uncountable smiles delivered.

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