From the orphanage to CEO of Software Consultancy in the US

It is not a new thing now to hear a company or a new startup being faced with some difficulty or obstacle before it plans to shut shop and become obsolete. But very few gems in the world of business prove to withstand it all with their unending determination, grit and will to be better. One such example can be seen in Jyothi Reddy, CEO of Key Software Solutions, a business woman who went from working as a field labourer, tailor, teacher, to a owning her own software business in the United States of America.

Struggles and hardships followed her from a very young age. Being financially unable to support their child, Jyothi’s family had to send her to an orphanage, where she got her education and vocational courses being parentless. She was married off at the age of 16 and soon had to fend not only for herself but her two children with a daily wage of Rs. 5. She got her degree from Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Open University in 1994 and post-graduation degree from Kakatiya University in 1997. The first ever opportunity came to her through the NYK (Nehru Yuva Kendra) where she started to teach as a volunteer. But since the money was not enough to support her family, she also went on to tailoring, selling sarees on the way to work, and typewriting. It was a difficult journey to make it to the US, where struggles were still predominant: being forced to work at gas stations, as a babysitter and an employee at a video store, in order to make ends meet. It was only when she was going to Mexico in 2011, that she decided to invest all her savings ($40000) into starting her own consulting company in Phoenix. Jyothi has single headedly proven that there is no substitute for hard work and determination, in a world filled with obstacles and reasons to give up.

Today, Key Software Solutions has achieved in maintaining a benchmark for standards in service, support, and technical assistance in all avenues of computing systems, internet and digital information from it’s infancy to the present day. They offer clients high quality, cost effective, end to end services that help change and transform their business through their various practices such as Customer relations management, E-business Solutions, Remote Data base Analytics, Oracle, IMB Frameworks and Internet/Intranet Applications.


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