Gupta Fashion world Commercial Street Bangalore

Fastest growing online lingerie shopping brand in India

It’s the first to go on and the very last to come off. And in between, it slips into many roles. From naughtily winking at strangers, to being your most loyal and ardent supporter. Yes honey, it is your lingerie we are talking about. Not the regular, boring whites, at the best of times fitting, and riding up the wrong places – the kind that make you itch or twitch in public.

We’re talking smooth and silky, plush and pretty – the kind that fits your body like a glove and feels like your second skin.
Part of a global fund with operations in bangalore, Gupta Fashion world is motivated to craft and manufacture beautiful lingerie that is high on comfort & style.
Highlighting curves you never knew you had, in fabrics and cuts you never knew could so comfortably flatter you, we are committed to providing the high-fashion and premium lingerie that you deserve.
All our products go through rigorous fit tests and quality checks and are designed to flatter Indian body types.

We understand India and its fits and thus offer solution based lingerie and all other inner wears for Indian women who have been stuck with one size fits all options from generations.
If with our colours, comfort and fashion, we are able to add a little joy to a woman’s lingerie experience and let her begin her day right we think we will provide good service with happines of your comfort zone.