Handspeaks.com is an online platform which provides graphology and Graphotherapy services mainly to the youngsters, professionals, students and job seekers.

What Graphology is?

Graphology is the term used for handwriting analysis meaning a person’s personality can be analysed through his handwriting. Handwriting of a person can reveal almost everything about him e.g. strengths, hidden talents, potential, weakness and even the secrets which the person himself might not be aware about it.

Handwriting Analysis is must for everyone especially student as whatever we write is the reflection of our subconscious mind. And this is why, whatever is going on in one’s mind can be scanned out through the handwriting. Sometimes, a person is diligent in everything but still lacks behind, there’s something which stops him from getting what he wants and that something is hidden in his own handwriting.

Usually children are taught to practice handwriting which looks good and is legible. But a good handwriting is not only about legibility rather making every letter in its healthy form. Every letter, strokes, spaces between letters, words, slant, pressure etc. have their special meaning hidden in it. Handwriting is also called brain writing because it is connected with brain so if a child is writing in any particular manner, similarly his mind will also work in the direction in accordance with the handwriting.

When a person is introduced with his qualities and the weakness which he needs to improve, that too can be improved with handwriting i.e. through Graphotherapy. Under Graphotherapy, a person is advised to make some changes in his handwriting such as letters, spacing etc. so that he can enhance his personality.

This can help a person in building his confidence, concentration, transforming from an introvert to little extrovert, anger management, getting rid of frustration and improving relationships as well. Graphotherapy is the easiest concept, “Gain without Pain” through which anyone can achieve the desired success he wants.

Story behind Handspeaks!

Handspeaks was started with the pious intention to help the youngsters out. Handspeaks is a team of trained and experienced professionals who work towards a common purpose.

Handspeaks started when it was found many of the students, youngsters, professionals struggling with their daily life situations and ultimately sinking into depression. Their life becomes nothing but regret for trivial reasons as they lose emotional stability, lose hope and can’t find positive attitude towards anything. There are such kinds of many incidents that founders came across and decided to give them a counselling hand.

Through handwriting, students, youngsters and professionals are counselled so that they can live their life with bliss.

Who needs to get his handwriting analysed?

Everyone who wants to know about himself and improve his personality must get his handwriting analysed. Handwriting analysis is not just a choice, it has become the need. The concept of graphology is already popular and given significance in the foreign countries and we can see them prospering ahead. Talking about India, we just possess little awareness about the importance of Handwriting Analysis. People take Graphology for fun like they just want to check whether something like depicting about personality through handwriting actually even exists or not. What their tendency is, to challenge the Graphologist! People also exist who say, “My handwriting is so unique, you can’t analyse it as I don’t write in my original handwriting”.

Well! No matter how consciously a person tries to change writing in a different manner, he can’t write in an artificial manner for long. Nevertheless, the writing might look changed to a person but to the trained eyes of graphologist, the original handwriting traits can be detected easily.

People, usually youngsters indulge in relationships and break up often within some months. The reason behind can be the incompatibility with the person whom they have engaged with. One can find out the relationship compatibility through handwriting analysis before getting too serious in relationship so that it won’t hurt in the long run. Initially, people fall for each other due to attraction but for any relationship, mutual understanding, common interests, care, concern, & respect towards each other and loyalty are some of the decisive qualities to abide further. The relationship is not necessarily meant about couples, but it can be between anyone, be it father-son, sister-brother and so on. Through Handspeaks, one can understand why there are arguments and conflicts all the time between them!

Graphology is also one of the selection procedures in the reputed companies. It helps to understand the characteristics and potential of the employee so that the desired work can be assigned to him accordingly. It makes the employer to take decision well about the employee whether he is suitable for the job/company or not. It is not restricted to only employee, employer and company but even the business partners also need to understand each other and their ideology needs to match at some point which can be analysed through handwriting to avoid further clashes and chaos. For a sound organization, a sound partnership is also required.

Lips lie but Handwriting never lies!

Any person might lie and play double face games, then why not get alert before it’s too late. Get the handwriting analysed before reaching to any crucial decision. It is well said, “Prevention is better than cure”. Handwriting of a person might dig out the secrets of a person; it can be related to reliability, creativity, emotional behavior, worldly desires or anything else.

There are times when people can’t believe when are encountered with their qualities, this is what the miraculous aspect of Graphology as it tells the person so many things and deep secrets which nobody and even he himself doesn’t know. It introduces the person with the real self!

What and how Handspeaks does everything?

Handspeaks mainly aims to focus on development of students, youngsters, job-seekers and professionals for their betterment of life and happiness through digital marketing strategy as they are active more on social media and internet. Their plan is to create awareness about the Graphology need among the people like parents, teachers so that by the beginning of life and career, every student is given right handwriting guidelines  which will help in inculcating the sound personality and goodness in him.