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Savitha Hosamane is an entrepreneur, author and is on a mission to empower the inner being joyfully to attain the work-life harmony. An instrumentation engineer by qualification and now a Joyful engineer by choice, she conducts workshops to nurture and build high performance, healthy and happy workplace culture.

Has been awarded patent-incentive by KCTU, Government of Karnataka for the first functional prototype of Laughing chair- an intelligent seating arrangement to relieve stress. Her venture HASOVAN has been chosen as a creative start-up and has been showcased in a short-movie. Also chosen among top 25 start-ups of India from AIMS-Smart city. Has been featured in the book “Turning Points” of Uncommon people and “Do More Be More” as one of the inspirational and motivational icons of modern day and has co-authored the book “First Step to Freedom”. Her first fully authored book is “Erupt with Joy”.

Meticulously worked on bridging the gap between performance and inner happiness
Enabling people with self-explorative techniques/skills for arriving at core values
Dedicatedly seeking ways to expand learning about impact of Lifestyle diseases in the young population
Extremely organised flow in sessions
Integrating work and life harmony

Certified Facilitator of Laughter Meditative therapies (Osho Institute of meditative therapies)
Certified laughter Leader from World laughter Tour Inc., Ohio, Columbus, USA
Certified Life Skill Coach from Banjara Academy, Bangalore
Certified Culture Builder from Delivering Happiness

Erupt with Joy:
This book is an amazon best seller in 2 categories namely Business Mentoring and coaching and Motivational self-help. This is all about knowing how to value oneself and arriving at personal core values. Youtube link :


This self-help book will serve as a roadmap to (Benefits of reading the book)
Connect and communicate with your body and make your body as your best friend
• To unwind the mind
• Manage emotions wisely, arrive at values and aid in decision-making
Shed inhibitions and Bring in the element of laughter, spirit of playfulness
• Discover how to be at ease with yourself and Tap into inner sources of energy
• Get to Learn from the journey of 10 amazing entrepreneurs
Explore your real self and gain self-mastery in almost every area of your lives with health, happiness and harmony.

Founder of HASOVAN – The dream venture



Established in the year 2012. We at HASOVAN design and develop customised “Value based Solutions” for culture alignment of workplaces through our service and products. Values are the foundation for achieving meaningful outcomes. Values are as important as performance.

Services offered

For Corporate (2 hours to 2 days)

We at HASOVAN provide solutions that are well-researched and scientifically proven to “Nurture the Culture” mindfully and align with organizational values for culture alignment.

Experiential self-awareness sessions are simple yet powerful to develop the attitude of playfulness, learn at the same time and laugh at setbacks are conducted to align with mission and accelerate growth.

• Harnessing Laughter energy to Address Stress
Healthy Mindset for progressive performance
• Enhancing Emotional Maturity
Non-violent communication

These sessions are customized as per the organisational’s need and requirement ranging from



For Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Core Values of the founders strongly influence and shape the organization’s culture.

We, at HASOVAN, provide solutions customized to small and medium businesses by co-creating their organization’s cultural values from scratch and see it manifest as behavior, which are reflected in daily actions to attain high levels of performance and positive business outcomes.


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