How can a Brand help better sell business or services

To start a business and find the essential kick-start to it one thing, but to be able to maintain consistent sales and relations with your customer is a whole new ball game. So how do top dogs in the market do it so well? Simply put, they ‘sell the brand, not the product’.

For many people, a brand is just a memorable name and an attractive logo that accompanies it. But if one sees the bigger picture, a brand is more of an identity of the company. It arouses an emotional connect to its customers, whether the experience is positive or negative. Over time it creates interest, curiosity and a sense of reliability in the customer’s minds. A good example of brand reliability can be seen in Tata Group which has successfully maintained its brand image having ventured into various sectors over the years. The ‘three stripes’ of Adidas, or the ‘blue F’ and ‘thumbs up’ icon of Facebook are other instances of quality branding that helped companies stand the test of time in their respective fields. Small aspects of the brand such as a distinctive logo or name, icons that it popularly associate to, and the overall ideology represented to the customers via their experience with the products and services of the company further help distinguish them from competitors, as unique. A brand must assess the company’s position in the market and decide the right mix of tactics to approach the way they carry out business; thus acting as a unique selling point for the company.

How the organisation understands and delivers the brand promises are central to making a brand work, which consequently results in helping them sell better.


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