Tell us a little about yourself.

I was born in October 1970 in Delhi but did my schooling in Hyderabad. The familiarity with the city is one of the reasons why I came back from USA to setup Intelizon in Hyderabad.I have a Bachelors from IITM and a PhD from University of Southern California.

What was your first job? Did it help pave the way to who you are now?

My first job was in an optical telecom company in silicon Valley. I learnt how to build reliable advanced technology products and marketing. This has been instrumental in developing the innovative products at Intelizon with high quality and reliability

What is your success mantra?

I believe passion and commitment are the reasons for where we are today and will help us achieve in the future.

Did you invent or improvise another product? Or did you start a service?

We are pioneers in lithium ion based solar streetlights. Conventional solar streetlights suffered from reliability issues which we have solved.

The old saying, “it is not what you know, but who you know.” How important do you think knowing the “right people” is when doing business?

I would rate this as the topmost criteria for success. I do have a good network built over the years and continue to work on expanding this.

How did you get to where you are now?

The journey has been tough but that’s the nature of entrepreneurship. One has to enjoy every day of what you do and learn from the challenges to continuously improve and grow. Once you get the process right, the results happen.

Have you failed in the past? Would you like to tell us what you learnt from your failures?

Failure is not a term in any entrepreneur’s dictionary. Its all about learning and improving. We have tried and experimented with models and improved on them. For example: We started with sub Rs1000 home lighting systems focused on the B to C market and learnt that the cost of establishing channels was very high.

We changed our model to B to B partnering with OEM’s and learnt that the growth is limited as the passion you have is not the same with OEM (handling multiple products). We have subsequently developed Rs10 to20K products focused on B to B and have seen sustainable growth.

What would be your ideal job?

I am doing my ideal job of creating innovative products and taking them global.

What made your business successful?

We have reached this stage due to our value system of innovation and focus on quality and customers. We have impacted over 2 million lives with our solar systems, saved more than 30000tonnes of CO2 and 16megaunits of electricity. In our mind this is just a start as our dreams are much bigger. Our immediate target is to double the impact by 2020.

Who was your role model?

There is no single role model. Anyone who shows commitment, hard work and makes a difference in the lives of others is a role model. Sportspeople have always inspired me the most. I have learnt many things from the people around me including my parents, wife, children, professors, business partners and friends.

Is being famous important? (Does brand promotion play an important role in your business?)

Focus on what you want to achieve is more important. Fame can help achieve goals or go beyond goals if one utilizes it in the right manner.

About your company and Service / product details

Intelizon is a pioneer in lithium ion based solar systems. We have the world’s most reliable solar LED streetlight system with the most advanced technologies including inbuilt cameras and remote monitoring systems. Our systems have been installed in almost all the states of India and over 10 countries in Africa and Asia. Our vision is to create the world of smart energy and take Made in India technology global.