List of venture capital in india

It’s 2018 and a lot of funds have folded and new ones have come up so this needs some new answers.
we will divide in to 3 categories according to the following:
Angel Networks and Accelerator Funds
These would typically write cheques in the range of $0.1M ( $30M to $100M (Seed and Series A funds)
This would include a large number of early stage funds which invest in Seed and Series A rounds, some of which are currently in their 2nd or 3rd generation funds.
$100M+ (Early-to-late stage funds)
This includes all the prolific funds in the Indian ecosystem. A lot of these funds invest across stages and thus can invest in seed rounds as well.

This list doesn’t include funds like Tiger Global, Tencent, Google, Alibaba, Softbank etc. and the other tech behemoths as they are not suitable for an early stage audience. In case you do reach that stage where introductions to these funds are required, Avendus or JP Morgan will be doing the needful for you.

Category 1: Angel Networks and Accelerator Funds
Category 2: Early Stage Funds ($30M to $100M; Seed and Series A investments)
Category 3: Early to Late Stage Funds ($100M+)