Marketo Labz is a Google Partner

Marketo Labz is a Google Partner – digital marketing agency based out of Bangalore. It lives by the motto “Digital Marketing with 2X edge”.This is justified by the fact that it believes in being a fundamental proponent of delivering up to 2 times at-least from a ROI perspective to its clients.

The agency is started by Hitesh Kothari. He has a distinctive track record of having accomplished 100+ successful digital campaigns when he was working with companies like IBM, Infosys &; Sonata Software. His expertise lies in sales funnel optimization and overall aces digital marketing arena. He has been one of the 6 members from across the world who worked for Neil Patel’s Advanced Marketing Consulting program. Neil Patel is the world’s no.1 digital marketer who has founded crazy egg, hello bar and kissmetrics. Andrew Walton, a digital nomad and is another co-founding member of Marketo Labz. He holds the expertise in content marketing and lead generation.

Marketo Labz aims to be a disruption in the digital marketing domain. It has been helping its clients in achieving their ideal goals by realistic approaches. The agency differentiates itself from others by setting up a solid foundation on competition research and digital strategy setting for each client so that they are able to deliver some breathtaking results. Experts in the industry have commended the agency’s perspective of giving the out-of- box performances.

We are also entering the Training field as we have got lot of requests from clients and students to teach Digital Marketing.

Hitesh, the CEO and founder says “We are committed to deliver more than 100% to our clients. I believe in a field like digital marketing, we keep on discovering new paradigms everyday while practicing. The real fun of being into digital marketing lies in it being an excitingly evolving field everyday”.




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