Paavani Solutions is a 5 Year Old company in the field of Water Purification/ Water Treatment/ Waste Management.

We Custom design, Sell, Service and Supply Spares for Water Purification systems across Bengaluru.

During our work in the field, our experience and knowledge has in turn triggered the need for water conservation. Handling RO units , we are sensitive to the amount of water that is rejected. We customize our units to reduce the reject rate and recycle the reject water for purposes other than drinking and cleaning.

Another topic close to our hearts is Waste Management. We strive to help the communities to manage their compostable waste into Black Gold ie Compost. Composting at site is  the need of the hour and saves wet waste going to the already overflowing landfills of our city.

We are honored to cater to Industries, Education institutions, Public sector undertakings, Corporates to say a few.

We handle the following range:

  • Water Purifiers – From 25 LPH to 5000 LPH – UV and RO Based Systems.
  • Water Softeners.
  • Water Coolers/ Dispensers/Freezers – Usha and other leading brands
  • Water and Grey Water Treatment Plants
  • Organic Waste Composting
  • Service and Annual Maintenance for Purification Systems.
  • Spares for all brands of Water Purifiers.

Paavani Solutions, is a 100% Woman Owned and Managed Company. The Proprietrix is a proud Member of  Women’s Groups like We Connect, AWAKE, eMERGE and Business Groups like APNA.