The company works on a grand central theme of ethics & social commitment as well as citizen safety. Today the company has software solutions that improve safety and security of the vulnerable sections of the society, help to prevent crime and fraud. Our vision is to seamlessly integrate day to day services using technology for a safer society and this is addressed by the platform “Pehechano”.

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Pehechano is an identity repository, positioned as a safety platform to cover various service providers. The uniqueness is that we have mapped cross functional departments in this platform. While Pehechano is for both identity & background, the value added services (iVisit) help in the operations – like sales, service and field attendance capture, computation of conveyance and communication of absence by employee to employer.

The platform Pehechano has stakeholders in diverse sectors and this is a sample list:


Courier Security Facility Management Services
School Restaurants FMCG
NGOs Pest Control Home care Givers
Maintenance Services ( repair services like Lifts, UPS etc) Residential / Gated Community Cab Services
Software Companies Automotive Dealers Others


This blog has many use cases illustrated for Pehehchano (https://pehechano.com/)