Reverie Box

I have always believed that one must embrace the natural beauty within. Less make up is better. When I was a little girl, I was so passionate about skincare that I always found myself in the kitchen applying something or the other on my face, trying “dadi ma ke nuskhe”, my mom’s best bets. Luckily I found some amazing beauty concoctions that would keep my skin healthy and glowing. However, as I grew up and got out of four walls, I started using commercial beauty products. As a result, during my high school days, I suffered from persistent facial break outs.

I consulted skin doctors who treated me with tons of medicines, ointments only to find later that these were temporary solutions like pain killers which when consumed repeatedly did more internal harm like hormonal imbalance and indigestion. No less were the external effects like extreme dryness, flaky itchy skin, hyper photosensitivity. This incidence compelled me to think on why these branded and regulated skincare products have such severe side effects.


After months’ research I gathered that these so called beauty products contain nothing but chemicals to increase the profitability, one of which is found in every skincare product i.e SLS (Sodium lauryl sulphate) which is actually a detergent, pesticide and herbicide and companies use it because it is inexpensive. I also found that many innocent animals are being killed to test these beauty products. And these chemicals cause so much trouble to the aquatic life. The Celebrities who promote these brands do not even see what they contain, but just do what they are told to say, they just advertise for money, hence while promoting Reverie Box, I was clear in my mind with 2 things one is that I will never compromise with quality, and that I will not do any paid review and we made it our company policy to not pay to get a celebrity feedback, we will keep it real.


I could have never thought of sharing my passion for clean beauty with the world as I was not so brave back then, but one day a friend who had a great acumen for Business was listening to my beauty stories and secret formulations decided to convert my passion for clean beauty into a business venture, and there we began the journey of India’s 1st cruelty free and green beauty subscription box service and pampering women all over India with our luxurious range of ‘clean and green’ beauty products in a subscription box – Reverie Box(entirely free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and petrochemicals).

At Reverie, our motto is to make women look beautiful without makeup, to make them feel confident in their own natural skin at an affordable price. With Reverie we have brought amazing niche brands to our audience, the Brands we work with are not found in any other subscription box because we are the only box that pays a fair price to the brands we work with instead of asking for free products in leu of promoting them, this makes us an empowering subscription box. We are now in expansion phase to make my beauty concoctions available to people across India in the form of our newly launched in house brand called “Bhumih”, a luxurious Skincare range based on the principles of Ayurveda, A reverence to the abundance of Mother Earth, with ingredients that has been sourced from the best places across India to meet our high standards of quality.