Tree climbing made easy thanks to this innovator

It is a given fact that climbing trees such as coconut/palms requires some skill and experience, notwithstanding the risks that go into it every time one decides to go for it. But thanks to an innovative genius from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, this task is made much safer and easier, at no extravagant cost. No, we’re not suggesting the complications of using a crane.

  1. Renganathan alias D. N. Venkat (49), is an agriculturalist that has developed the coconut tree climber with a sitting arrangement, locking system and safety belt which are all inbuilt. It was not before giving a shot in the khadi business and as a mechanic (and selling spares for pumps) that Venkat decided to turn his concerns to agriculture. The issue of the risks of tree climbing was brought to his notice, and he sought after the most efficient way he could create a mechanism that was not only cheap for the buyers but also safe to use on a regular basis, before being able to make something to his satisfaction in the year 2008. The tree climber has a seating provision for the user and is made up of two frameworks – the upper is operated by hand while the lower frame is maneuvered by the legs. A locking system, with four pins is installed so that the safety of the user is on point and that one can work without the fear of heights. One of the biggest advantages of the machine is that it can be used on trees of varying girths.

Earlier craftsmanship has reveals comparable gadgets utilized by seekers yet about the circumference of the trees on which these can be utilized was unclear. Having a decent request significantly in South India, Venkat is offering the gadget at Rs. 7000. So far he has sold around 200 units in Tamil Nadu. As of late couple of units were traded to other South Asian nations as well.


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